Dues Paid 2.0 Snapback

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Self made snapback hat. 

This one is for the working class, the hustlers, the underdogs, the DIY-ers. Self made dues paid.

I’ve made a couple versions of this hat. I even did a rad versions with my friend and self made brother Travis Barker, but it’s been a while and it was time to make a new one. So here it is.

For me “SELF MADE” has meant starting out with little or no help from family or friends. Working your way up from zero. I started from the absolute bottom, I learned how to get to this point in life on my own, through my own efforts completely, no one to ask for help, or advice, no safety net, no parents to guide my choices. I’ve made some amazing friends that mean the world to me and have helped further things along in my world at times, they know who they are and that I love them.  I'm grateful I learned how to treat people, how not to talk shit, lie, cheat, steal, envy... to be a man of integrity and my word, so these great friendships that I have continue to be  long lasting. Like most of us, I’m still writing my SELF MADE story and have never stopped paying dues along the way.

If you break down "Self Made" it can be applied to all of us one way or the other. We all follow our own paths, work on our goals, strive to better our lives and the lives of our loved ones around us.  Each person has to decide for themselves what type of life they want to make for themselves or settle with for that matter. We make ourselves into the people we want to be, we are all self made.