Luke has partnered with some of the
world’s biggest brands to create one of a kind experiences that push the
envelope on creativity and brand experiences in emerging and
influential cultural spaces.

Through a combination of good character, world-famous artistic and tattooing skills, cutting edge fashion style, and huge social media following, Luke has built his own brand and others like The Lost Art of the Gentleman. The resulting experiences create huge customer, press, and social media engagement. If you are interested in working with Luke and his team at an upcoming event, please reach out below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Good Energy

As one of the pioneering tattoo artists to join the esteemed ranks of the Monster Energy team, Luke spearheads their Tattoo Ambassador Project. He orchestrates activations at Monster events globally, spanning from XGames to Supercross and beyond, collaborating closely with athletes and fellow ambassadors.

Legendary Heritage

Luke spent several years as a brand ambassador for this legendary heritage watch manufacture. Being the only tattoo artist to fly this prestigious brand's flag from California to Switzerland was truly an honor.

Signature Card

Luke was asked by Topps to be immortalized in card form along side legendary "World Champions" like Mike Trout, Post Malone, Mookie Betts, Anthony Bordain, and so many others legends across many fields. "2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball cards are focused on The World's Champions along with MLB stars and notable figures from pop culture."

Full Custom

Designing a motorcycle for Harley Davidson inspired by the legendary Sailor Jerry. I was one of six leading global artists who was asked to create unique artwork inspired by the legendary work of Sailor Jerry.

Pop Up Tattoo Shop

We designed an on-site pop-up tattoo parlor, and Luke designed a set
of tattoo flash that tattooed live on guests at the party. The event
featured the pop up tattoo shop that we created, denim jacked getting
customized on the spot, food from Jon & Vinny’s and Snoop Dogg

Music Inspired

Using tattoos to create a viral sensation for Spotify and some of Brazil’s biggest celebrities. Luke partnered with Spotify to tattoo key Brazilain celebrities with custom created music inspired tattoos that commemorated significant moments in their lives. The resulting social media posts went viral in minutes of being posted create a massive impact on Spotify. During this event, Luke tattooed Naldo Benny, Edy Rock (Racionais Mc’s) Luiza Possi, Amorui Jr, and other well-known celebrities. 

One of a Kind

I was the exclusive artist chosen to
create my own custom Hermes artwork and a one of a kind tattoo
experience at their private event on Melrose in Los Angeles for their
Hermés /Carré Club event.

Iconic Shoes

This iconic shoe brand highlighted Luke on a "Uncommon American Style" day in a life video as well as making him an ambassador. "Shoes guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher"

Never Quit

Luke has a long standing relationship with Gerber Gear working together on various projects over the years including the launch of their custom knives department. Luke was asked to create one of a kind knives and a custom Guitar for Fender based on lyrics from Country and Western star Tim Montana. "Never Quit"


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