I recently tattooed an injured soldier in front of a Basquiat Painting in The Israel museum and another in front of a deadly terror attack location in Tel Aviv where a young man opened up fire on a crowded restaurant killing two innocent people.  When I was approached by the Artists 4 Israel to make this journey I quickly agreed.   I’ve been interested in visiting Israel for years but the right opportunity hadn’t arose until now.  This was monumental for me and tattooing in general, tattooing in a world renown museum in front a Basquiat was a dream come true as I’ve been trying to get a live tattoo exhibit in a museum for some time now, so this was really a dream come true.  I am so pleased how smooth this went, how well it was received, and I hope this is just the first of many.

On a couple of our free days we went to hang and do art with children in a local hospital and at a boys club type place ran by the Israeli Scouts. I’m now home in La reflecting on my journey feeling thankful and motivated. Thank you to the Museum, Artist 4 Israel, and the people of Israel for welcoming us and being open and kind.
I was with a small group of talented artist including friends Steve Soto and Joe Capobinco.  Israelis have been maimed by war and terriosm for a long time, and although they are a resilient people, the side affects on those directly affected can last forever. Tattoos are a way to help them cope with thier psychological damage by reclaiming their bodies and solidifying personal confirmations or mantras.  After hearing about jewish tattoo sigmas for years it was amazing to be in Israel and Jerusalem even tattooing their people, changing stereotypes and opinions along the way. Thank you to all the press for all the amazing coverage of this important event.  We truly are making a change. ABCTimes of Israel 
Tattoo artist Luke Wessman with kids in a hospital doing art to lift their spirits
December 29, 2015 — Shopify