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Artist, Designer & Man of Influence


For nearly 25 years, I have met and
tattooed people all over the world. My tattoos are created from my own
designs or collaborations with customers’ reference material.


Check out everything from Luke’s appearances on Spike’s InkMaster, his new Topps Baseball card, to his appearance on the all time best-selling cover of Inked Magazine.

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Supreme clientele

Although every tattoo I do, and every client is as important to me as the next, I still like to highlight some clients that have made some extra noise in their perspective fields.

"If you look up in the dictionary the word genuine, you will see Luke Wessman’s name and picture. He is one of the most truest gentleman I know and ultimately one of the most talented tattoo artist. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have him do their tattoos is in rare company. He’s just simply the best and my family are also his biggest fans. I am so honored to call him my friend. 🤟🏼🤟🏼"

-Marlee Matlin

“Luke Wessman is one of my favorite tattoo artists and his character and good vibes resonates way beyond tattoos and art. Luke is just a straight up no BS great guy. He’s a total gentlemen and great friend. It’s a rarity to find friends like Luke in this day and age. Also his art transcends was beyond tattoos. He is the perfect combination of West Coast/gangster/Punk Rock /Traditional all the while keeping that PMA.”

-Travis Barker

“There was just something about his manner that set him apart and made me comfortable with the fact that this man was going to put something permanent on my skin. He lives the art that he creates and really wanted to know the story and my motivation. It sounds weird to say but he connects to people so well, so naturally, probably because he’s got character. A gentleman. A historian. He believes in his art. If you are going to have ink for life, why not have a bond for life with your artist? That’s how it feels to me.”

-Cj Wilson


Wessman has appeared on TLC’s hit reality shows Miami Ink and NY Ink, the cover of Inked Magazine, and, as a guest judge on Spike TV’s “Inkmaster." Luke now resides in Los Angeles, and is a Master Mason.


I love telling stories with my artwork, capturing a sentiment with imagery and symbolism. Additionally, my art portfolio contains mix media art and countless illustrations from various projects.


Take a piece of Luke's art home with you. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind watercolor painting, a specialty print, or a hand-dyed hoodie, you'll get the famous design and uncompromising
quality Luke is known for.

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If you're not familiar with Luke Wessman's work from Miami Ink, or from his downtown shop, Lucky's Tattoo Parlor, his Southern California/Latin style is classic, free-flowing, heartfelt and badass — all mashed together.





Tattoo artist Luke Wessman tattoos at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles live in the “Tattoo Exhibit”

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