Tattooing my friend Marlee and her BFF in my private studio.

Supreme Clientele


A beast on the field and a gentleman off. Stoked to call this guy friend. Thank TG 400 for linking us up.

The game don't wait

Time with the GOAT. #5 NFL La Rams

Loyalty is Royalty

I've been very fortunate to be able to work with a legend of Jalen's caliber. We've done some big pieces together but its the small ones that mean the most sometimes. Loyalty.

Alex Pall

Alex was sent my way by our mutual friend Mac Clark. I have a funny story about how I almost told Alex off before we met. Fast forward the Chainsmokers have become dear friends.


Always a pleasure hanging out with these guys. They are massively talented and never take themselves too serious.

Drew Taggart

Young legends know who to call for the timeless tattoos.


Kind and generous guy right here. I was happy to spend the time with him. I linked up with him because of mutual friends in Tennessee. Thank you Tiff and George.

Cover up

Tattooing cover ups can be very tricky, but with the right vision it usually work out in the end. Go Gamecocks Go- Fight ! Drive for the goal - Fight ! USC will win today - GO Cocks!

Finished product

I think we spent about 5 or so hours on this tattoo over a 2 day period. He rushed off to the CMAs the second night right after we finished.


What an amazing lady. I've been very fortunate to become dear friends with this wonderful and talented woman. *Oscar winner

So many tattoos

We've done quite a few tattoos together now and it doesn't seem like we're slowing down. Marlee has also given me a very small meaningful one.

Finger tattoos

This one here was is for her 25 years with her husband. I love this family.


Been real lucky to build a friendship with such a legend. Everton, Imperials, Metro Stars, Manchester United,Rapids, and the United States.

Beverly Hills Hotel

"Howard is widely considered to be one of the greatest goalkeepers in American soccer history"

In Yelawolf's place

Met up in Tennessee for another tattoo. A true collector and friend.

Movie Tattoos

Spent some time designing temporary tattoo for a movie role recently.


A sneak peek into some temporary tattoos I did for a role. They were meant to look as rough as possible.


I've known this guy for over 10 years. We met back in the day in Ny through mutual friends.



I met Matt through our friend Toby Morse and we stayed friends. Alkaline Trio / Blink 182

Friendship Arrows

Tattoos about friendship on friends.

Top Secret Tattoos

Matt has one of the top ten tattoos from my top secret crew tats.


NHL legend. Ducks,Kings, Flyers, Bruins, Islanders, Lightning, Senators, Jets, and Canadiens.

3 Day Sleeve

I spent 3 days straight tattooing this sleeve for Nate. I flew to Ontario a few yeas back and made it happen.

Sleeve #2 and chest hit.

This side took a bit longer. We had more time a broke it up into multiple sessions. This was done over a 2 month span.


Spent some time tattooing this lovely iconic singer. We were filming a piece for complex Magazine during this. exciting day.

Cover Story

Love seeing my work on covers of magazines.

Photo Op

Such a lovely woman. I'm proud to have her wear some of my work, especially the shoulder one that you see everywhere.

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Guns N'Roses drummer and more importantly a top class guy. Thank you Vikki At Bike Shed for linking us.

Cover Up Time

Out with the old. Stars and flame were cool at one time. But time to freshen that hand up.


Cover ups are always tricky but always come out way better then the old tattoo. fresh rose the the Guns N' Roses drummer.


Trust and friendship is the plug.


This man has seen it all and continues to push the game further. Every time I sit down with him he's dropping jewels.

Cover Ups

Dame is the OG tattooed rockstar with a bunch of beautiful work from our friend Mike Rubedall and me.

Tom Hardy


A legend in the game. #30 NFL Rams.

Design talk

Spent sometime talking about the design idea and face timed some family for imput.

Faith and Family

When were were taking about what to do, we decided to lean on faith and family.

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