Puzzle | California Dreaming

$ 40.00

Artist series - One of a kind - California Dreaming Puzzle.  I’ve had my 1966 Impala for over 15 years, this is a recent photo I took of her around the corner from my old house.  One of my favorite pics of “Goldie.”

  • 1,000 piece puzzle
  • Size when completed = 20in x 30in
  • Limited made. Each puzzle comes with a signed and numbered card. 
When we think of puzzles, we usually think of a hobby, a way to pass time and relax. The truth is that, in addition to having fun for a while, they also have numerous health benefits. From helping children in their skills development, through improving your memory and mood, to preventing major illnesses in the elderly. 

Here are 11 benefits to doing puzzles. 
1. Mental exercise
2. Better Visual-Spatial Reasoning
3. Greater Attention to Detail
4. Improve memory
5. Increase your IQ
6. Improve problem solving ability
7. Increased productivity
8. Better collaboration and teamwork
9. Better mood
10. Decrease stress level
11. Delay symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.